Dr. Dinesha Alstine

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Welcome to "Self Care Voyage," your Ayurvedic Hair Care and Wellness Travel sanctuary. Journey with us as we explore the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, delving into time-honored rituals and natural solutions to enhance the beauty and health of your hair. Our Ayurvedic hair care segments are focused on making the mysteries of this ancient Indian science accessible and practical for modern lifestyles.

The Power of Ashwagandha: Benefits, Side Effects, and Uses

Ashwagandha, an ancient herb with a remarkable history, has been highly revered for its versatile healing properties. This miraculous plant, with its unique name meaning “like a horse,” has long been a cornerstone of Ayurveda – a holistic system of medicine originating in India thousands of years ago. As we explore the power of Ashwagandha for hair growth, we delve into the fascinating world of this traditional remedy and its potential to transform your tresses into lush and healthy manes.

Exploring the Wonders of Fenugreek: Your Ultimate Herb Guide

Welcome to the riveting world of Ayurvedic herbs, a treasure trove of nature’s wisdom and healing secrets. Today, let’s delve into the mystical journey of one of the oldest and most revered Ayurvedic herbs – Fenugreek. Fenugreek is a household name in the culinary world, but a well-kept secret in the wellness realm, fenugreek is making waves for its myriad health benefits.